Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Line Art Sketch

Feedback from some of my friends told me I needed to work on lines of action - general shapes before attempting what I did yesterday.  So with the scene I started a few days ago, I thought along the lines of my story.  Some action that would lend itself to that sort of exercise.  With that, I did the below sketch.

The scene is the discovery of the body.  I attempted to draw out general action lines - an officer pointing at something near the body.  A loved one screaming at the sight.  A gaggle of press flashing photographs, asking questions with a microphone of a cop that impeded their way.  Animals flying and peaking out to add more characters.  The light source was made so that I would start to sketch shadow placement, with relation to it, emphasizing foreground (the body, cop and screaming person) and background (the press and their herder).  It's a bit rough - but a bit more complex than previously - forcing me to put more thought into placement.

Let me know what you think - how it could be done better.

Until next time...

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