Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A study on Animals

I pulled out one of my old drawing books, trying to find ideas in sketching.  It was a cute book of baby animals.  I picked a page at random and began sketching.  The results are below.  I look at this and wonder, how can i do it better?  How do I make that leap from copying what someone else drew as instruction to creating my own works with a style I can enjoy?

That's part of why I'm following my friend's advice and doing this daily - because the only way I know that will answer those questions (sort of) is to practice and practice more.  It's a lot to take in - drawing shapes, melding them together, fitting the proportion right to one another, and then creating the details, the shading, the nuances that make a flat character become art.

I don't know how they do it - but artists, cartoonists, creators have me enthralled by their gifts.  I hope that I can improve to at least mimic their quality, if not their unique style.  So, I shall continue to practice and see where it leads me.

Until next time...

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