Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uploading Sketches

I've let myself down with not posting daily, and so have built up several sketches that I need to put forth.  The first are two sketches of things - a rubber duck and a teacup.

I tried sketching things I had in my office, the teacup, and putting something that an Office mate had on her desk in a new environment.  Simple sketches, to be sure, but they forced me to focus on composite shapes and working together.

In the next two sketches, I tried my hand at landscapes, drawing one from a picture of Santorini island and the other from an image in my mind.

I had a good deal of difficulty with the photo; I couldn't get the lines and angles to pop out right so that they showed the depth and complexity of the buildings.  The other was similar to one a few days ago, but trying to refine the ideas giving to me by critiques.

So - there is a bit of improvement I think - but lots left to do.  I'm going to attempt to work on figures next.  I have doubts as to how that will go, given past experience.  But past is not prologue, so we'll see how it plays out.

Until next time...

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